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    A great written piece is one that effectively communicates its main message or argument to the reader. Some key elements that contribute to a good essay include:

    1. A clear and well-defined thesis statement: This is the main argument or point that the essay is trying to make. It should be presented early in the essay, and should be supported by evidence throughout the rest of the essay.

    2. Strong organization: A good essay is well-organized, with a clear introduction, body, and conclusion. Each paragraph should have a clear topic sentence and should flow logically from one to the next.

    3. Evidence and support: A good essay should use evidence to support its thesis statement. This can include facts, statistics, examples, and expert opinions. The evidence should be relevant and credible.

    4. Analysis and critical thinking: A good essay should go beyond simply presenting information and should engage in analysis and critical thinking. This means considering different perspectives, identifying patterns and connections, and drawing conclusions.

    5. Good writing: A good essay should be well-written, with clear and concise language, proper grammar, and appropriate word choice.

    6. Adherence to the prompt or question given: A good essay should stay on topic and answer the question or fulfill the prompt given. It should not wander or deviate from the main point.

    7. Cohesiveness and coherence: A good essay should be cohesive, meaning that all the parts of the essay are connected and relate to the main point. It should also be coherent, meaning that it is easy to understand and follow.